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OEHHA Listing PFOS and its Salts as a Carcinogen Under California Proposition 65

Dec. 23 2021

California’s experts for identifying carcinogens under California Proposition 65, the Carcinogen Identification Committee (CIC), voted to list Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid (PFOS) and its salts and transformation and degradation precursors (collectively "PFOS") as a Proposition 65 carcinogen.  California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) will formally list PFOS and its salts and transformation and degradation precursors as mandated on December 24, 2021.

PFOS and its salts and precursors have been used in stain, grease, heat, and water resistance finishes on many consumer products, such as non-stick coatings on cookware, water-repellant finishes on fabrics and leather, stain resistant treatments for carpets, and oil and grease repellants on various products.  

PFOS has been listed as a reproductive toxin since 2017.  This new listing is broader, in that the PFOS listing for developmental toxicity does not include its salts and transformation and degradation precursors.

OEHHA Action: 
The OEHHA staff prepared a "hazard identification materials" (HIM) that outlined the evidence of carcinogenicity in several studies of exposure to PFOS.  The HIM stated: "PFOS is one of the most extensively produced and studied members of a class of chemicals called per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)", which are known as the "forever" chemicals because of their persistence. PFOS is ubiquitous, with levels measured in environmental media, biota, and humans. Humans are exposed to PFOS through contaminated food and drinking water, ingestion of dust, and inhalation of indoor and outdoor air." 

The Carcinogen Identification Committee voted by majority to list PFOS as a California Proposition 65 carcinogen. 

The warning requirement for significant exposures to this chemical will take effect on December 24, 2022.

Additional Information:
Please see OEHHA’s announcement:
Also, several United States federal and state government agencies have recently enacted or proposed laws for PFOS, as well as all Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals.   Please see below recent bulletins which summarize a few. 

Bureau Veritas will monitor the OEHHA website in the coming year for 60 Day Notices pertaining to PFOS, as notices can be issued after a chemical has been listed for one year.

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