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Supply Chain Risk Management for Electronics

Managing risk, protecting your brand and profit 

Supply Chain Risk Management all starts with an effective process.

  1. Market Study. Our approach starts with a thorough review of the markets you operate in, and are likely to operate in, to understand the regulatory requirements for your product range. We then perform a risk assessment on the product range and the supplier / country of manufacture to develop a risk matrix meaning you focus you QA/QC budget on where it needs to be spent.
  2. Policy Communication. When the policy is documented, we can then help cascade to your internal and external stakeholders, meaning all are aware of the policy and framework approach, a critical step in ensuring a smooth program is delivered.
  3. Quality Assurance: Factory Assessment. The next step is to perform vendor / factory audits & assessments as well as implementing an incoming material control approach. This helps validate that the process controls are in place to deliver good quality, safe products.
  4. Quality Control: Testing & Inspection. The validate stage is the core inspection and test program, this will vary based on the risk matrix findings and your own risk aversion approach.
  5. Management Reporting. Finally, we provide quarterly management briefings where we assess performance within the supply chain, look to improve the program, where it makes sense, and ultimately evolve the policy to meet our clients goals as well as the changing requirements of the market.
  6. Improvement. After all this, the end goal is a program that continually evolves and improves supply chain performance. One whereby the best in class vendors get rewarded (eg, skip lot inspections) and where the returns due to poor quality and recalls are mitigated. The end result is an improved bottom line and a brand that is protected.
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